Safa Mad diapers for adults
     Waist adhesive strips :
           The strips waist lenses fit the user diaper.

            Prevent leakage.
      Wetness Index:
              The blue lines on the outer surface of the bar Safa Mad diapers for adults show the amount of wet without decoding diaper. So that the lines disappear glaucoma when �����?to the diaper
      Cellulose component of the two layers has a great ability to suck.
             The cellulose Safa Mad diapers for adults consisting of two layers absorbs liquid quickly and believes in the survival of the patient's skin and prevents Java Khaddoucheh
      Blue class:
              The blue layer in diapers Mad description of the patients absorb liquid quickly without the affected patient's skin and Thbsaa inside the cloth so that Java remains the patient's skin permanently.
          Diapers Poplae for kids distinctive cans
       Why Bubbles?
              Children all the features that make Java under the child, and comfortable.And its surface (Bubbles) because there are in Bubbles diapers made ​​of fabric prevents any scratching might happen to the child. The diaper absorbs liquid quickly and Thbsaa the inside thanks to the cloth absorbent granules. Thus, Java remain under the child permanently. And your mastery sidebars lose under the child several times. The front straps and rabbit form located on the surface of the fabric to make your child seen with admiration and affection and harmony with them fully compatible.

      Absorption outstanding:
              The (diaper Bubbles (Bubbles) for children) to absorb liquid quickly and locked her inside the cloth thanks absorbent granules. Thus, your child remains under the Java Length of Day
      Green class :
              The green layer in (diaper Bubbles (Bubbles) for children) to absorb liquid quickly without being hurt the baby's skin and Thbsaa inside the cloth so that your child's skin remains dry permanently
      Outer surface histological:
              The outer surface tissue reduces the likelihood is very scratches on the baby's skin.
      Sidebars :
              The sidebars diaper Bubbles (Bubbles) to enable you to lose children under the Child number you want, in addition to that, these strips shut easily even if hung out baby oil or powder children
      Soft tissue :
              The surface of the diaper soft tissue provides access to the green layer liquid quickly
              The diaper barriers Bubbles (Bubbles) for children to prevent deposition
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