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Brief summary of Radix Company for General Trading Co., Ltd.
    Radix General Trading Co., Ltd. : An Iraqi company based in the city of Erbil - capital of Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
    Ever since company established in 1991 involved mainly in food stuff business - importer and wholesaler. By 2008, company expanded activities toward distribution.
    Beside headquarter that is in Erbil, Radix has agent in other main Iraqi cities, (Baghdad, Mosul, Basra, Karbala, Najaf, Sulaymaniyah and Dohuk).
    Right now Radix represents, exclusively, some sound brands as bellow:
     1-Tomato replica watches sale paste (Carla) - Italy.
     2-Sparkling fruit drinks (Eva) - Spain.
     3-Natural Juice (Ceres) - South Africa.
     4-Cosmetics & cleaning materials (Gulshah & Pozzy) - Turkey.
     5-Cosmetics & cleaning materials (secret emotions & Duzzit) - Turkey.
     6-Baby and Adult diaper (Bubbles & Alsafa) - Turkey.
     7-Coffee (Milker & Effendi) - Turkey.
     8-Canned food (Zalloum Garden) - Jordan.
     9-Coffee candy (KapalApi) - Indonesia.
     10-Soft candy (It's' time - Florestal) - Brazil.

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